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23 May 2019 Students showed off their navigation skills, tech savvy and knowledge of the city in the annual hi-tech virtual treasure hunting event.
02 Nov 2018 The prestigious competition for Hong Kong teens will focus on the theme of creativity, which is often overlooked in the city’s education system.
14 Oct 2018 Cricket is a notoriously long and arduous game, but that won’t deter three top players from KGV. They tell us why Hong Kong has what it takes to go the distance in the sport.
09 Oct 2018 No matter how hard we try to avoid it, sweating is a fact of life in our hot, busy city. But all that perspiring is actually good for our health.
07 Oct 2018 The former WIS student is the first Hong Kong-based player to get a scholarship to the top-ranked American university for football.
01 Oct 2018 The 47-year-old director and scriptwriter of 'Sorry to Bother You' also wants people to do what they love instead of just working for money.
01 Oct 2018 Gil Yehudayan may have big ambitions for a career in football, but he never lets himself forget that the beautiful game is, after all, just a game.
19 Sep 2018 We have everything you need to know about caffeine – the chemical found in tea, coffee and Coca-Cola, and even chocolate.
18 Sep 2018 Rachel Shing doesn't limit her shooting to the sporting arena, and her favourite band - no joke - is Big Bang