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22 Jan 2020 In the second column of our new YP Nails It series, editor Jamie Lam puts his skills to the test trying to piece together this French masterpiece.
09 Jan 2020 Deep-sea thriller is beautiful to look at, but features weak dialogue and uninspired monster design.
08 Jan 2020 The legendary martial arts teacher goes to America to meet his pupil Bruce Lee, and find a school for his son.
07 Jan 2020 The last 10 years saw an explosive growth in the video game industry and it seems the trend will continue.
05 Jan 2020 From Final Fantasy VII Remake to Cyberpunk 2077, here are the hottest titles that are dropping on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.
03 Jan 2020 In Hong Kong’s version of a viral tweet about picking a seat on the New York subway, we analyse which spot is tops.
19 Dec 2019 In this nostalgic and action-packed conclusion to the ‘Skywalker Saga’, our favourite original trilogy characters make way for a new generation of heroes.
18 Dec 2019 Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian is breaking the internet right now, but he wasn’t the first adorable creature to emerge from the Star Wars universe.
26 Nov 2019 Whether you're into board games, video games or drones, our holiday present guide has something for everyone.
17 Nov 2019 From multi-platform space opera ‘The Outer Worlds’ to Nintendo’s ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’, these are the games to put on your wish list.