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07 Oct 2018 It was only in April that K-pop six-piece Vixx dropped their third album Eaux De Vixx, but they are back again, this time with their Japanese album Reincarnation.
07 Oct 2018 To stand out in the hip hop world, you need a great beat, interesting instrumentals, and an impeccable flow. On Lupe Fiasco’s seventh album, Drogas Wave, the American rapper offers all these things in spades.
30 Sep 2018 We talk to the solo indie rock artist about her smash hit debut album Lush.
23 Sep 2018 The band needs to be a bit more daring moving forward, to avoid being labelled as a one-trick pony.
23 Sep 2018 Following the buzz surrounding their debut EP 'All The Things I Never Said' earlier this year, the group have returned with their first full-length album.
16 Sep 2018 Ruban Nielsen from the Unknown Mortal Orchestra spoke to us about the music industry, the Star Ferry, and what he likes about live shows.
16 Sep 2018 Hong Kong heavy rockers Bamboo Star made their mark on the music scene in 2016 with their debut EP Broken Hearts And Bleeding Parts. The band have continued in the same vein on their latest effort, No Hard Feelings.
16 Sep 2018 Four-piece Phoon, one of the most promising indie bands in Hong Kong, have dropped their self-titled EP – and it is nothing short of truly special.
09 Sep 2018 The Canadian band Tops, who said they can’t wait to play in the 852.
09 Sep 2018 On 2013’s One Breath, guitar virtuoso Anna Calvi put her Fender Telecaster in the background of a beautifully orchestrated record, creating one of the most exciting albums of the decade.