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10 Feb 2019 Get an overview of this year’s strongest contenders for categories like Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist.
03 Feb 2019 After the sombre choral beginning of January 11, 2017, where Mike Posner gives a diary-like account of his father’s death, he launches into more accessible country pop on A Real Good Kid.
03 Feb 2019 Kelly’s dulcet tones conjure up the image of a sun-loving, carefree student; but hidden in her lyrics is a more philosophical wave.
28 Jan 2019 The songwriter's taken a different approach to her latest album.
28 Jan 2019 While there are a few off-the-wall moments, there are far more high points than low ones.
27 Jan 2019 The former West Island School student shares about how his confidence has grown and the benefits of having a home studio.
20 Jan 2019 Oneus are one of the latest K-pop bands to break out in 2019 as they release their debut mini-album Light Us – which shows there is a lot of room for growth for the six-piece outfit.
20 Jan 2019 Elliot Wan from the three-piece pop band spoke to us about music, the band's future, and their debut EP
13 Jan 2019 One of the positives to come out of the post-Christmas lull is that, often, obscure or underground artists are more likely to be heard or discovered.