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05 Dec 2019 The nine-piece experiment with genres, from house and funk to disco, and Ed Sheeran guitar riffs.
01 Dec 2019 Taiwanese shoegaze stars Thud, local four-piece TYNT and others will perform at Yau Tong’s This Town Needs venue on December 6th and 7th.
01 Dec 2019 New songs such as 'Sunrise' and 'Orphans' show more sophistication and adventurousness than all previous three albums combined.
01 Dec 2019 Solid follow-up to last year's 'Chemistry' features collaborations with Haru Nemuri and Ashley Tsang.
17 Nov 2019 The record is a solid foundation for a band comfortable in their own sound.
17 Nov 2019 The talented Brit's long-awaited second album was well worth the wait.
12 Nov 2019 'Soft Spoken' singer talks about why they prefers busking to performing at gigs and how being on the autistic spectrum helps their music.
10 Nov 2019 While the record doesn't hit the mark every time, the variety in the project is still admirable.
10 Nov 2019 While some were doubtful when he left indie label Greytone, an international concert date, a debut album and a hit single prove he is on the rise.
06 Nov 2019 Influenced by 60s psychedelic rock and 70s Motown sounds, the record is a narrative of overcoming personal trauma.