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19 Jan 2020 Hailed as one to watch for 2020, the British singer-songwriter and musician has just dropped her second full-length album.
15 Jan 2020 The 'Lose You to Love Me' singer is back after five years, and she's fully in control of her vocals and message.
14 Jan 2020 Sunrise - comprised of teens Mandy and Moses - has already played events like the Rugby Sevens. Here's what the duo hopes to do this year.
08 Jan 2020 The singer-songwriter bares her soul with compelling songs such as ‘Winter Flower’ and ‘See You’.
08 Jan 2020 The K-pop group is at home with synth-led tracks, but strikes gold when they break the formula.
29 Dec 2019 EP shows off his powerful vocals in ‘Boy With a Star’ and ‘Way To You’.
29 Dec 2019 What were you listening to this year? We list YP’s favourite EPs and albums from HK-based acts
26 Dec 2019 The British singer-songwriter's sophomore album plays with some new sounds.
17 Dec 2019 From the bass heavy 'STOP' to the slower world vibe of 'Sunshine', the group showcases different styles on their third release of 2019.
17 Dec 2019 Filled with guitar-led moments and disco pumped tunes, the singer's sophomore album impresses.