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10 Oct 2019 When these Beijing-based alt-rock musicians perform live, no one – not even them – knows what will happen.
09 Oct 2019 Following the debut of his mini album, 'April, And A Flower' comes an impressive follow-up record of love songs.
09 Oct 2019 The band has set aside their surf-rock style for a sense of nostalgia.
03 Oct 2019 Local artists like Txmiyama, Tyson Yoshi and Akiko, who are supporting the American at This Town Needs, are making the most of rap's recent surge in popularity
02 Oct 2019 The band's eighth release shows the South Korean idols know how to keep the party pumping, successfully mixing genres in a way most other acts cannot.
28 Aug 2019 The group's third record follows their brilliant 'Take 2 - We Are Here', released in February.
27 Aug 2019 The indie rock band returns with a record that reflects their distinct sound
25 Aug 2019 The newest release features a shift from six-minute psychedelic rock songs to short pop singles.
11 Aug 2019 The 20-year-old viral pop sensation seems to be looking for her genre on her debut.
11 Aug 2019 What’s the secret to keeping a music band going? We spoke to Joe Goddard of Hot Chip to find out.