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09 Mar 2020 Having recently released new demos of her 2018 album 'Hunter', the songwriter has been named Ambassador for Independent Venue Week 2020
04 Mar 2020 Indie-folkster showcases lyrical skills in beautiful single ‘How Can I’ and other easy-listening tracks.
01 Mar 2020 In first album since marriage to Hailey Baldwin, the Canadian singer-songwriter plays it safe.
01 Mar 2020 The follow up to 2015's 'Current' is a solid release worth listening to.
01 Mar 2020 While many acts have cancelled gigs, we speak to two bands who feel people need music now more than ever.
24 Feb 2020 While the K-pop giants deliver some excellent tracks, the album isn't as consistent as 2019's 'Persona'
23 Feb 2020 While the first album from the former One Direction star shows promise, it sounds like he's still trying to find his identity.
19 Feb 2020 Their first English album showcases their group and individual talents.
19 Feb 2020 Mexican rockers headed to Hong Kong are inspired by the success and drive of fellow musicians they meet touring
18 Feb 2020 The former 'Team B' from reality survival programme 'WIN: Who is Next' delivers lacklustre songs in mini-album.