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02 Jun 2019 Scottish singer-songwriter misses the mark with mopey ballads like 'Someone You Loved'.
02 Jun 2019 Founding members Terence Kuong and Alok Leung are making their mark on the local EDM scene.
31 May 2019 The five-track record includes a duet with singer 10cm and the most touching Korean pop song of the year so far.
26 May 2019 In fourth studio effort and follow-up to 2015's 'Emotion', the former 'Canadian Idol' participant is still in fine form.
19 May 2019 The Hong Kong-born folk artist's second release is a natural progression from his 2017 debut, '1,000 Years'.
19 May 2019 The former frontman talks about his upcoming debut solo album, 'Diviner', his quest for self-discovery, and why he filmed a video Down Under.
05 May 2019 The 10 members of Neo Culture Technology’s subgroup have a winner in ‘Touch’, but other tracks are only so-so.
05 May 2019 Her self-titled album is gaining plenty of fans with catchy tracks like 'Ruins' and 'Lottery'.
21 Apr 2019 The artist, whose real name is Lo Ka-yee, also talks about her DIY approach to the music video for her new single ‘Crying Underwater’.