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20 Nov 2017 The phrase “kill them with kindness” is overrated. It promotes benevolence and forgiveness, which is great, but it also brings to mind visions of a perfect, ideal society – one that is utterly unattainable.
29 Oct 2017 Her fifth album draws inspiration from events in her own life, making it a raw and intimate work of art.
16 Oct 2017 I wanted to talk to someone who doesn't respond with their own life experiences, who will just listen and give compassionate yet realistic advice – and that is exactly what a professional therapist does.
19 Jun 2017 There’s this thing that’s been damaging my perception of myself, has nearly wrecked my self-esteem, and has made me feel like an unwanted outsider: a feeling of disconnection
24 Apr 2017 When I arrived in Britain, I became aware that favouritism takes place in a very disgusting form: racism. I’m not trying to say that only people of my race experience racism here. However, as a Chinese person – “one of the Chinese” as they say – I can see first-hand how differently we are treated.
13 Mar 2017 “I’ve never heard him speak English.” My English friend’s careless observation gave me a feeling of guilt, even though I try to be fully involved in the local culture.
06 Nov 2016 The Mother Monster is back with Joanne, a rock, folk-charged album that sounds nothing like her previous works.
16 Oct 2016 The Canto-pop Queen is back with her 37th studio album Fabulous. New additions to her long-time production team have brought about an unconventional, yet splendid work of art.
04 Sep 2016 Britney Spears' highly anticipated new album Glory lives up to the hype. It may be the best piece of work the pop princess has ever put together.
21 Aug 2016 There aren’t many Chinese-American artists who have made it big in the Western music industry, but hopefully Zhu will make his mark with this meaty meal of an album, Generationwhy.