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09 Nov 2017 Economists await interest rate announcements with a degree of speculation, anticipation and angst perhaps only matched by graduating high school students awaiting college admission results.
02 Nov 2017 How did South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong cultivate their highly developed economies from seemingly nothing?
26 Oct 2017 Here are the issues the chief executive touched upon, and what it could mean for Hongkongers in the coming years.
19 Oct 2017 This year’s Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Richard Thaler, who pioneered the path-breaking field of behavioural economics – a discipline at the intersection of economics and psychology.
12 Oct 2017 India’s taxman has a problem. Under three per cent of the country’s citizens pay income tax, while the government continues to run a significant budget deficit. Bolstering tax collection thus assumes particular importance in the country.
28 Sep 2017 The humble chicken, not much discussed beyond it being served on the dining table, has assumed an unlikely prominence in development circles this past year. The importance of this avian began with a post by Bill Gates on his influential gatesnotes blog.
14 Sep 2017 Early minimum wage laws were designed to provide the industrial workforce with a degree of economic protection. By the end of the twentieth century, a majority of countries had some form of wage law.
29 Jun 2017 It’s become fashionable among commentators to mourn what they see as the end of the free trade consensus that has dominated economic thought and policy for decades.
01 Jun 2017 The gig economy has attained rock-star status in the job market. It is predicted that in America, currently at the forefront of the gig economy, some 40 per cent of workers will be involved in freelance jobs instead of, or in addition to, formal, contractual employment.
30 Mar 2017 It has been an eventful few months in the Donald Trump White House. Questions about Russian involvement in the election have dogged the administration.