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08 Feb 2018 Although our survival depends on battling climate change, we have yet to come up with a global plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
18 Jan 2018 With anti-austerity crusader Tsipras having finally accepted the EU’s belt-tightening measures, Greeks are hoping to hear some good news this year.
11 Jan 2018 The National Bank’s dramatic removal of the Swiss franc's peg to the Euro in 2015 has not hurt the country’s economy as much as feared.
04 Jan 2018 Despite suffering a huge blow during the late 00s, Iceland has worked their way back to being one of the world’s richest economies.
21 Dec 2017 The Chinese Communist Party is still popular, and this will be crucial in maintaining the country’s rapid progress.
14 Dec 2017 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “robbed India of its economic prowess”, writes Rahul Gandhi, leader of the opposition Indian National Congress, in British newspaper, the Financial Times.
07 Dec 2017 A junior reporter takes a look at the history of Bangladesh, the rise of its economy, and how the country can use its strengths to develop into a force to be reckoned with.
30 Nov 2017 The Rohingya crisis could derail Myanmar’s efforts to bolster ties with the West, and push it closer to China once again.
23 Nov 2017 Two years ago, things looked dire for Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The country had entered a recession, its currency had plunged, and inflation was rampant. But how things have changed since then.
16 Nov 2017 Is there a new economic crisis on the horizon? We take a critical look at our current market situation and assesses whether it’s time to panic or not.