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13 Apr 2016 Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Vote for your favourite answer.
06 Apr 2016

Jokers, zits and sloths: YP readers go wild trying to imagine the emojis the world needs

18 Mar 2016 Hiding clues in toilets, eating bananas, and jumping around. YP readers share the ways they get into the zone during exam season ...
26 Feb 2016 Four junior reporters went to RosaGallery to try their hand at making a unique and beautiful work of art using preserved flowers.
19 Feb 2016 The only bad thing about holidays is that going back to school and regular life afterwards can be pretty depressing, so we asked our readers for their best cure for the post-holiday blues.
29 Jan 2016 The faculty of science of the University of Hong Kong held The SMArt Weekend earlier this month, inviting students from secondary schools to science projects including making a pinhole camera on their own.
18 Dec 2015 On November 21, Oxfam Hong Kong held a climate change workshop called “A Cloud on the Horizon”. Participants were asked to act as representatives from different countries who took part in COP21.
27 Nov 2015 This week, we asked our readers, if you were a spy, what cool gadget would you want and why? Here are our favourite answers …
06 Nov 2015 This week, we asked our readers, if they had to be stranded somewhere for a weekend, where would they choose? Here are our favourite answers …