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02 Jun 2017 In the days before computers and phones existed, imagination played a major role in creating works of art. Artists often had to depict historic scenes which they were never present at, and at times their artistic license was stretched pretty far.
21 Oct 2016 You can choose your steak or fish by weight from their blackboards and displays, and the grill master will cook it fresh in front of you on Asador-style traditional grills.
23 Sep 2016 The problem of single-use plastic water bottles has long troubled environmentalists. However, society is looking at ways we can reverse this trend.
18 Aug 2016 Teenagers under the age of 18 very rarely get the chance to enter the race track in Happy Valley – but our junior reporters went to visit the Hong Kong Racing Museum.
28 Jul 2016 One well-known graffiti artist, Tsang Chiu-chong, or Uncle Tsang, as he is more commonly known, is taking over Sunshine City Plaza in Ma On Shan this summer.
05 Apr 2016 Junior reporters Anushka Purohit, Sebastian Wong and Yam Wai-Shan went to Ngong Ping and Tai O to explore the heritage and traditions and try the local food.
11 Mar 2016 Live reporting isn’t just about posting a few things on Facebook or Instagram. Our junior reporters learned what it means to report from where the action is.
19 Feb 2016 The only bad thing about holidays is that going back to school and regular life afterwards can be pretty depressing, so we asked our readers for their best cure for the post-holiday blues.
27 Nov 2015 This week, we asked our readers, if you were a spy, what cool gadget would you want and why? Here are our favourite answers …