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25 Oct 2018 Whether the recent accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are true or not, there are wider problems with justice in the United States.
13 Sep 2018 Many politicians criticised the Court of Final Appeal after 13 activists won an appeal against their sentences for trying to storm the Legislative Council in a violent manner on June 13, 2014.
21 Jun 2018 To ban e-cigarettes while allowing the sale of traditional cigarettes sends confusing signals.
07 Jun 2018 Overturning an earlier judgment at the High Court requiring the government to grant spousal benefits to employees in same-sex marriages is wrong.
31 May 2018 The saga of photo-taking in courts started in 2016 when the former chairman of the Law Society of Hong Kong, Junius Ho Kwan-yiu, posted a selfie on his social media.
19 Apr 2018 Students should not dread the Chinese Language paper, nor should they have to follow rules that simply don’t make sense during the oral exam.
22 Mar 2018 Sexist dress codes for female flight attendants are just the tip of the iceberg – should female students in Hong Kong have to wear skirts?
01 Mar 2018 Eating shark fin may be a Lunar New Year tradition, but it is cruel and unnecessary. So why is the trade still flourishing in Hong Kong?
25 Jan 2018 Mental health mustn't be ignored. it's time to tackle the problem face on.
04 Jan 2018 There is more wrong with the subject than mere “logical fallacies”. It fundamentally contradicts its own stated purpose.