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25 Aug 2016 Sadly, this Belgian animated adaptation isn't anywhere near as exciting as the original novel.
12 Aug 2016 Each week, we ask some of our Young Post readers to share a little bit about themselves and a quote that helps them get through life.
14 Jul 2016 Peeyuuu! What’s that smell? We asked our readers: what’s the stinkiest thing you’ve ever encountered in Hong Kong? Here are some of our favourite responses.
16 Jun 2016 When people talk about Singapore, they often talk about their housing or education policies, where basically everyone can afford their own apartment and their children are fluent in English.
26 May 2016 Zhang Dejiang’s three-day visit to Hong Kong was useless, and to be frank, that’s putting it mildly. When he arrived, he claimed that he had “come to see, to listen and to speak”.
19 May 2016 Back in October 2014, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying mentioned that some sectors, such as sport, do not “contribute to the economy”.
29 Apr 2016 Former Liverpool and England winger John Barnes has some valuable advice for aspiring football players: “Be true to yourself and love what you do.”
03 Mar 2016 Football clubs in the Chinese Super League were very busy during the transfer window in January. They were involved in four of the 10 biggest transfers.
28 Jan 2016 My mother is now working part-time in a primary school, helping ethnic minorities with their homework. Not for the first time, she says that these kids are struggling under the Hong Kong education system.
18 Dec 2015 For this week's Top 10, we asked our readers: if you could be any Star Wars character, who would you be and why? Here are our favourite answer …