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21 Jun 2019 As you strive for your goals, you may be scared to make changes due to uncertainty. However, you need to be bold and step forward.
28 May 2019 Many Hongkongers cannot afford to buy a flat. According to the Legislative Council Commission, small- and medium-sized flat prices have almost tripled in the past 10 years.
22 May 2019 Instead of wishing you could change something in your past, you should learn to focus on the here and now.
17 May 2019 A student examines the way we view the choices in life through a video about deciding what to order in a restaurant.
08 May 2019 Togetherness is a very important ingredient in a happy home, along with communication and spending quality time with each other.
03 May 2019 Growing up is not easy, but if resisting change is stopping you from making progress in life, you need to learn to embrace it.
26 Apr 2019 If everybody is bound by a certain set of standards, will the world be as interesting and full of colour as it is now?
12 Apr 2019 Here’s why a simpler kind of romance is better than the unattainable ideals that we see in movies or hear in love songs.
29 Mar 2019 As people can be anonymous online, it gives them more courage to post hate comments, regardless of consequences.
22 Mar 2019 Everyone has their own dream: some want to be singers, some want to be artists. However, society has high expectations of our youngsters and expects them to have great achievements.