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21 Jan 2016 Hong Kong's move to phase out the ivory trade is widely welcomed by citizens and campaigning groups. It is hoped the historic act will put a damper on rampant elephant poaching across Africa.
26 Nov 2015 Terrorism is a worldwide menace. Whether it is the Islamic State (IS) or Boko Haram, Muslim extremists armed with guns and bombs are deadly dangerous. They have given Islam a bad name.
21 Oct 2015 Flying in a plane isn't quite the same anymore. This is especially true since the disappearance of MH370, the shooting down of MH17, and the various other accidents and crashes.
10 Oct 2015 I've already started my second year at uni. And, in about a year's time, I'll be starting my third and final year. It's all happening too quickly.
15 Jun 2015 My first year has gone by as fast as a train in a Budapest metro station, and as easily as it is to sleep through multiple alarms.
11 Apr 2015 It's that time of year again! Easter means balancing one's chocolate intake, social life, exam preparation, and sleep schedule, in the hopes of achieving both a productive and memorable holiday.
16 Feb 2015 Going to university is meant to be a chance to follow academic as well as other passions. But let's be honest: no one goes to university just for the sheer joy of spending hours studying and writing essays.
17 Jan 2015 It's been a pretty great first term at university. When I look back, I genuinely feel like I've learned so much, both inside and outside the lecture hall.
A silent vigil at the central government's liaison office
04 Nov 2014 Not too long ago in Hong Kong, capital punishment was mandatory for people who committed murder, treason and piracy with violence. Then, in 1993, Hong Kong made a major change to its laws.
Lilly Singh shows us a little bit of her secret identity, a side you won't normally see on her YouTube channel.
19 Oct 2014 "After overcoming depression years ago, I decided to always focus on the positives simply because life goes on either way. It just feels better to be positive," said YouTube sensation IISuperwomanII.