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10 Jan 2016 The Diocesan Boys' School student finally came out on top after losing every match to the top Under 17 player in Malaysia.
04 Jan 2016 Cheryl Lee isn't insulted by the old cliche "You throw like a girl!" Throwing is what this girl does - and she does it well. And as a cutter on her ultimate frisbee team, she not only throws, but catches, and runs as well.
27 Dec 2015 In the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded, things are tense in baseball. But Kim Yoon-sung doesn't mind the pressure. In fact, it's his favourite thing about the sport.
19 Dec 2015 German Swiss International School fencer Jenny Ko ignores the cheers and aims for laser focus and utter calm before stepping onto the piste.
18 Dec 2015 Still scrambling to find last-minute Christmas gifts? You may not need to look further than your own school.
17 Dec 2015 While for most of us Christmas means presents, feasts and a break away from studies, for one French International School student, this year it means only one thing
17 Dec 2015 Getting that gold medal is every athlete's dream. And athletes can train for years without ever being able to mount that first-place podium. But Chan Chi-fung achieved that goal in just two years.
17 Dec 2015 As the Student of the Year competition ramps up to find the best visual artists, Young Post sat down with two of the judges to reflect on the state of the arts in Hong Kong.
15 Dec 2015 Being an artist takes more than just talent. To really excel, you need to constantly be practising, learning and improving. This is a process previous finalists of Student of the Year Visual Artist award know all too well.
15 Dec 2015 J-Asia sailing school had success last weekend as Marian Frances Ngo Williams, 16, claimed victory at the 2015 Hong Kong Laser Championships 4.7 division.