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06 Mar 2016 Alex Allum-Pearce is an all-or-nothing kind of athlete. “The feeling of playing and leaving everything I have, both physically and mentally, on court is amazing and immensely satisfying,” she says.
02 Mar 2016 Students from across Hong Kong came together at ARCH Education on Saturday for a drop-in session to learn more about the Young Laureate Award (YLA).
01 Mar 2016 Cheng Ho-yin does not chase after a ball or dodge other players on a sports pitch. He doesn’t run, or bat, or throw. Ho-yin surfs.
01 Mar 2016 Chris Lie remembers the exact moment his career took off. He was a lowly unpaid intern in 2004. But that all changed when his boss asked if he would like to submit a proposal to Hasbro for G.I. Joe.
29 Feb 2016 Been up to any monkey business yet this year? Young Post heads to Ocean Park to get a closer look at some of the rarest - and cutest - primates in the world.
28 Feb 2016 Everyone knows mermaids are just creatures of myth, but Haruka Kawazoe is as close to a real-life mermaid as it gets.
25 Feb 2016 Anxious as they waited for the interviews, the hopeful students had to show their skills in front of the judges.
25 Feb 2016 Eric Chan has set his sights on becoming a professional martial arts star.
22 Feb 2016 For Yuka Murakami, the 15-year-old gold star from Yew Chung International School, the difficulty of the sport is what makes it so satisfying
22 Feb 2016 Four students from Yew Chung International School started stitching their old school uniforms into pencil cases and book bags – and success