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20 Mar 2016 Every sports star has to start somewhere. An old football handed down from an older sibling, some spare table tennis paddles from school, a cricket bat on loan from the local youth team.
20 Mar 2016 Judy Hopps always dreamed of being a police officer. She wanted to stop crime and help make the world a better place. There was only one thing holding her back - Judy Hopps is a bunny.
18 Mar 2016 In a battle of wits, Adele Ho, Haley Fok, and Tiffany Leung had to use up-to-the-minute facts to prove their arguments.
17 Mar 2016 Getting into university is tough for Hong Kong students. But Chan Pak-hei got his university acceptance not by scoring high marks on tests.
16 Mar 2016 Imagine needing something – a bowl or a tool, anything – and instead of going to buy one, you printed it instead.
13 Mar 2016 No matter the sport, athletes are always at risk for injury. And rugby player Shona Jeanette Mihan is no stranger to the dangers associated with full-contact sports.
11 Mar 2016 Here's a guide to what's happened thus far in the missing booksellers story, and the related facts, detailing how the confusing case has unfolded.
10 Mar 2016 Jonathan Liao Xian-hao isn’t threatened by the competition. In fact, he welcomes the challenge.
09 Mar 2016 From seemingly simple questions to making your answer the perfect length, interview like a professional with these top tips.
07 Mar 2016 With the theme “Impossible to Possible”, this year’s Science Alive at the Hong Kong Science Museum is all about the incredible leaps science has allowed us to make.