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07 Apr 2016 When most student athletes talk about reaching new heights, they’re speaking figuratively. But when Timothy Lam Hin-chak says it, he means it – literally.
05 Apr 2016 Students from seven schools were challenged by Uber to create a marketing campaign. Here is what they came up with ...
04 Apr 2016 Boston in the United States is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be.
03 Apr 2016 Most people think of tennis as a solo sport. Two players facing off against each other, staring each other down across the net. But Venia Yeung knows better.
31 Mar 2016 We take brushing our teeth for granted, but it’s a luxury for refugees, and Charlotte Chan from GSIS is determined to change that.
29 Mar 2016 Our planet is just a tiny speck in the enormous vastness that is the universe. Within that huge universe, there is plenty that we still don’t understand.
27 Mar 2016 As Justin Mak found out, playing for youth teams - even at the highest level - is still worlds away from competing at adult level.
24 Mar 2016 They say that running can be like a form of meditation for athletes. And Leung Ho-chun certainly has a very Zen approach to his sport.
23 Mar 2016 Prison inmates in Hong Kong get more outdoor exercise time than primary and secondary school students, says a University of Hong Kong researcher.
22 Mar 2016 At the Hong Kong Science Museum, Dr Helen Colley stands in front of a screen showing a picture of an ear on a mouse. This one is special – it’s a human ear growing on the back of a mouse.