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11 May 2016 A project to create useful items from old school uniforms won four friends a place at a competition in Shanghai.
08 May 2016 “When you go out on the court you have to give it your all, you should never come off with any regrets or saying ‘I should’ve tried harder’."
05 May 2016 Football is a truly global sport, and the World Cup has brought nations together in competition since 1930.
01 May 2016 For athletes around the world, training can be exhausting and rigorous. But for student athletes in Hong Kong, the physical challenge of sport isn’t the biggest obstacle. It’s scheduling.
01 May 2016 Former South Island School student Marin is currently climbing Everest as part of the Grand Slam, an adventurer’s challenge to reach the north and south poles and more.
29 Apr 2016 A good actor has to lie. But unlike most lies, the lies an actor tells aren’t necessarily with words.
28 Apr 2016 Some moments stick with you for your entire life. For football star Remi Dujardin, one such moment was his first game for Saint Bonaventure University (SBU) in the United States.
24 Apr 2016 This SIS star says if you want to succeed in your favourite sport, it’s best to dream big.
17 Apr 2016 To an outsider, tennis might seem like a simple game. One player hits the ball across the net, the other hits it back. Back and forth; it seems pretty straightforward – even dull.
10 Apr 2016 When we first talked to Rachel Tam Hin-ching back in September, she had her eyes set on an athletic scholarship for university.