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27 Jul 2016 Don’t know much about the newest Harry Potter book? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – here’s what you need to know to keep up with all your Potterhead friends.
11 Jul 2016 Make the most of the summer holidays by reading up on some books you really should have read before you get to university. This week, we look at William Golding's Lord of the Flies.
26 Jun 2016 If you didn’t catch the first one, you might not know that Independence Day: Resurgence is a sequel. In the first film, aliens came to conquer the planet, and humans defeated them. But now, they’re back.
24 Jun 2016 We asked our readers, if you absolutely had to do it, what would be the best way to eat a worm? Here are some of our favourite responses
19 Jun 2016 Gym bunnies and people who love to eat clean are an obvious choice. But it would be equally fun to bring that one friend who insists that salads can’t possibly taste good.
17 Jun 2016 This week, we asked our readers: if you could choose one type of weather forever, what would it be and why? Here are our favourite answers
14 Jun 2016 Spending your summer watching TV doesn’t have to be a waste of time. Team YP has some great documentaries that will open your mind – and help prepare you for your SBAs
12 Jun 2016 Grub: Asian fusion. Vibe: This place screams hipster. Food: Good but expensive.
12 Jun 2016 Are you watching closely? Being aware of minute details and sleight of hand is at the centre of Now You See Me 2.
10 Jun 2016 Each week, our highly trained team uses intellect to crack the biggest issues facing humanity today … and also this