April Xiaoyi Xu

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31 Dec 2019 Is it possible to reconcile a desire to be creative with a need to be precise?
29 Oct 2019 Does feeling bad matter when it comes to being sentenced for a crime?
28 Mar 2019 Collaboration and good feedback are key to improving as a content creator.
21 Feb 2019 I recently came across some research which shows that we millennials literally “love” our phones, and react in the same way to the devices as we would if we saw a loved one. This was a creepy lesson for me.
31 Jan 2019 Do not be charmed by digitally perfect lovers; they are only programmed to love you.
10 Jan 2019 Even though you might be taught to learn in a particular way at law school, there’s nothing that says you can’t apply your own way of thinking, if that’s what suits you best
29 Nov 2018 When Taylor Swift recently visited Asia to wrap up her Reputation tour, she delivered the infamous line from her song Look What You Made Me Do – which she repeats every night of the tour – claiming that the old Taylor is dead.
22 Nov 2018 Last year, in my final year of university, I applied to several graduate programmes and fellowships in politics, law school, and business school. Most people apply for either a graduate fellowship, or to law or business school.
18 Oct 2018 A student’s exposure to the legal profession provides the perfect opening for a renewed sense of excitement about blank paper.
03 Sep 2018 Tips from this summa cum laude graduate includes making a detailed weekly schedule and being familiar with your syllabus.