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09 Aug 2016 The director of make-up artistry, Romero Jennings, talks real about being a make-up artist and why he always keeps a flashlight in his kit.
08 Aug 2016 We’re pretty brave eaters at Young Post, but every now and then we try something that makes us say: ‘No more! Never again!’ Here are the weirdest foods Team YP has tried.
25 Jul 2016 It felt like eternity. While the rest of the world was catching them all, Hong Kong had to wait, and wait, and wait ... but not anymore!
21 Jul 2016 Whether it’s for a university programme or internship, your cover letter is what convinces the person reading it to give you an interview. It tells why you’re perfect for the role.
14 Jul 2016 There is a differnce between writing a story as a YP cadet and being asked to go out and live report one of the most stressful and emotional days for a student in Hong Kong.
26 Jun 2016 Hongkonger Pradyumn Dayal is doing his best to make sure everyone has equal access to success.
24 Jun 2016 The internet goes nuts as the people of the UK vote to #remain or #leave the European Union.
24 Jun 2016 Team YP debates life's important issues...and this.
20 Jun 2016 Best known for playing Chekov in the new Star Trek films, the actor died Sunday at just 27 years old, but not before delivering standout performances in some truly brilliant films.
14 Jun 2016 Spending your summer watching TV doesn’t have to be a waste of time. Team YP has some great documentaries that will open your mind – and help prepare you for your SBAs