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18 Dec 2016 Here are the movies that affected us the most and the ones we are eagerly awaiting.
27 Nov 2016 Desmond Doss joins the US Army in the middle of world war two, but refuses to carry a weapon of any kind, because killing is against his religious beliefs.
18 Nov 2016 It was announced today that all Page One bookstores are closed as the company faces further financial difficulties. Here's how some of the city's teenagers feel about it.
06 Nov 2016 The legendary director sits down to chat about his films, his upbringing, and being peculiar.
23 Oct 2016 We spoke to local make-up artist Natasha Moor for tips and tricks on how to make what's available in this city work for your complexion; whatever colour you are.
23 Oct 2016 Struggle to find makeup that matches your skin colour because you're on the darker side? You’re not alone.
05 Oct 2016 Pol Col Pruthipong Prayoonsiri said China sent a request to the Thai government to seek its cooperation in denying Wong entry to the kingdom.
13 Sep 2016 No Disney remake has had us as excited as the news that the next to receive the treatment will be Mulan. Because, hello? Asian actors and actress: it's your turn to shine!