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The Young Post archers (L-R) Wong Long-ka, Lyndon Fan, Dhruv Singh, Anirudh Kannan, Tony Wong, and Justine Chan.
20 Nov 2014 Whether you're inspired by Katniss or Legolas, Hawkeye or Hou Yi, there's a new war game that lets you bring all of your archery fantasies to life.
14 Nov 2014 Since the temperature has dropped and it finally feels like winter, we asked our readers what they liked best about the coldest season of the year. Here are the best answers ...
Dog lovers have fun with their canine friends during the pet extravaganza.
13 Nov 2014 National Dog Week is celebrated in the last week of September, and Stanley Plaza mall celebrated it with the largest outdoor pet extravaganza in Hong Kong - Paws by the Sea 2014. This year's theme was "Doggie Hero", and our junior reporters were invited to join the fun.
Marco Miu (left) and Oscar Wu display the trophies they earned for their language-learning tool kit
07 Nov 2014 When Oscar Wu, Marco Miu and Matthew Kwan, all 14, started a project to help a friend with dyslexia, they had no idea it would lead them all the way to the Swiss Alps
07 Nov 2014 There are no public holidays this month, so we asked our readers to create their own public holiday. Here are the best answers ...
06 Nov 2014 It sometimes seems like the world is hopeless, but the speakers at TEDxHongKong's talk last month showed that when we put our minds to it there's no problem we can't solve, and nothing we can't overcome
31 Oct 2014 Today is Halloween! That means spooky stories, creepy costumes and, best of all, lots of sweets. We asked our readers what they like best about All Hallows' Eve
The main characters of the Silence Le Cabaret cast with the young reporters.
30 Oct 2014 Can you imagine eating dinner in pantomime? Last month at Asia Society, 1010 presented Silence Le Cabaret, the world's first silent theatrical dining experience with the audience taking part.
24 Oct 2014 So many Halloween candies, and you can only eat so much! Don't waste time and money on ones that aren't that great. Here's a ranking of some of the Halloween candy out there.
Choreographer and dance captain Jamie Wilkin (centre) with junior reporters (from left) Harry Cheng, Dhruv Singh, Annette Kim, Sharon Cheng, Janet Tam, Veronica Lynn and Cherry Chan
23 Oct 2014

Mega-hit musical Mamma Mia! arrived in Hong Kong on September 24 as a stop on its international tour. Young Post's junior reporters were invited to a dance session with the show's choreographer and dance captain Jamie Wilkin.