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Champions Fiona So and Priscilla Yeung from Good Hope School made delicious desserts to impress the judges.
21 May 2015 Sweet caviar, seaweed dessert, vegetarian cookies ... these are some of the weird (yet delicious) dishes secondary students made at the first SciChef Cooking Challenge Final on May 9.
15 May 2015 It was Mother's Day on Sunday, so we asked our readers what they liked best about their mums. Here are our favourite answers …
Junior reporters (from left) Christy Cheung, Annette Kim and Vivian Chan strolls through the garden after tea.
14 May 2015 Frozen characters dominated the big screen last year, and now they are taking over tea sets with a princess experience at Hong Kong Disneyland.
This group of young stars is taking the show very seriously.
10 May 2015 Eighteen local youngsters survived 25 hours of auditions to star in the iconic musical. Here is how they're feeling just days before opening night.
08 May 2015 The government's 'HAPPY@Hongkong Super JETSO' campaign is meant to get shoppers to spend more by offering ridiculous deals. We asked our readers what would get them to shop more. Here are our favourite answers.
Julie Borth has been reaching out to women and mama-sans in red-light districts.
07 May 2015 Never Stop! That was the theme for TEDxHongKongED's latest talk on April 18, which featured inspirational speakers like former domestic helper Xyza Cruz Bacani.
24 Apr 2015 Last week, we asked our readers to tell us their favourite quote. Here are their answers ...
Ian Holliday (man in blue top in the middle) and social workers from HKU bring psychosocial therapies and expressive art therapies to school children in Sichuan in 2010.
22 Apr 2015 University of Hong Kong (HKU) plans to have a policy under which its undergraduates have to spend time on the mainland as part of their degree.
17 Apr 2015 Rice, the staple food of Hong Kong, goes well with many things. We asked our readers what food, if eaten with rice, would be disgusting? Here are our favourite answers ...
Steve Youngwood thinks we need to rewire ourselves.
13 Apr 2015 'Greeen' - this was the theme for TEDxHongKong2014 where speakers talked about technology and leadership at Hong Kong Science Park back in November. Young Post's junior reporters were invited to the TEDx, and here are some of their favourite talks