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Junior reporters Christy Cheung (left) and Lala Chan try their hand at origami.
02 Jul 2015 The trendy strip's latest collaboration brings the traditional art of origami into the 21st century
26 Jun 2015 The first-ever iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, so we asked our readers what the weirdest use they have found for their smartphone. Here are our favourite answers...
Be Our Guest to this tale as old as time!
25 Jun 2015 Disney's Beauty and the Beast is on its 20th anniversary international tour. Young Post junior reporters spoke to the cast and crew of the show, and this is what they learned …
19 Jun 2015 We asked our readers about a weird item or collection they have that they value a lot, but wouldn't mean that much to other people. Here are our favourite answers ...
Veteran Young Post writer John Millen has taken Junior Reporter Training Course participants on a trip around Hong Kong.
18 Jun 2015 SHKP Reading Club's "A Letter to My Family" book review competition winners went on a tour of attractions in Hong Kong and wrote about St James' Settlement's Hong Kong House of Stories and Hong Kong Jockey Club's Racing Museum using what they've learned.
29 May 2015 We asked our readers to tell us what they're addicted to recently, and here are our favourite answers ...
28 May 2015 Two psychologists discuss authoritarian parenting and its effects, and advise children how they can deal with mum when she seems unreasonable.
12-year-old boy Siu Yau-wai (centre in black) and his grandmother Chow Siu-shuen (L).
26 May 2015 A 12-year-old boy from the mainland who had been illegally staying in Hong Kong for nine years was given temporary papers on Thursday to continue to stay in the city.
Former YP junior reporter Gloria Cheung wins the inaugural Human Rights Press Award essay award.
25 May 2015 Gloria Cheung graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a bachelor's degree in journalism, and has worked at some top news organisations, including CNN and Voice of America.
22 May 2015 We asked our readers what cool summer job they'd like to try, and these are our favourite answers …