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08 Jul 2019 German Swiss International School has four students with perfect scores on the International Baccalaureate, while French International School has three.
05 Jul 2019 More than 2,200 students from nearly 30 schools around the city took the exams in May, and will receive their results over the weekend.
05 Jul 2019 Jessie Pang, who helped Young Post cover the 'Umbrella Movement' in 2014, has won the Clare Hollingworth Fellowship.
26 Jun 2019 The septet will play two shows in the city at the end of the summer after touring North and Latin America, and Australia
14 Jun 2019 They've been waiting two months since 'ME!', so Swifties will be listening to the new track all weekend - could more be on its way?
02 Jun 2019 Ahead of the Hong Kong date of his live world show, Brian Cox spoke to us about the importance of science, and of speaking up.
29 May 2019 Keep your gastrointestinal tract in good shape with these delicious additions to your diet.
28 May 2019 In the wake of Sunday's climate march, Legco member Chu Hoi-dick will ask the Environment Secretary how far the city will go to address climate change.
06 May 2019 The internet is torn over whether the lace-up sneaker is rose or teal; what do you see when you look at #theshoe?
24 Apr 2019 The Canadian singer will be touring seven cities on the Asian leg of his 100+ date arena tour.