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15 Aug 2018 Do you know what these 10 perplexing words mean?
09 Aug 2018 Jon Turtletaub’s summer offering is scary, sad and just a little funny.
02 Aug 2018 The small island in the Central Pacific ocean is known for being paid to house refugees for the Australian government.
16 Jul 2018

1. It’s a  recipe for disaster - e That’s not going to work

2. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes - a You can’t fool me

08 Jul 2018 Media has been asked to leave the area as experts move to bring trapped boys from cave
07 Jul 2018 The city in northwestern Gansu Province (甘肅) has a lot to offer, not least of which is the Gobi
11 Jun 2018 Videos and images of a waterspout spotted in Hong Kong seas circulated online amid tropical storm Ewiniar.
08 Jun 2018 Here's what YP editor Susan Ramsay thought when she went to see the latest Jurassic film in the franchise.
08 Jun 2018 The Jurassic Park franchise has had a good run, but by the looks of its latest incarnation, that might be over.
02 Apr 2018 The English speaking exam is almost here, and hopefully you’ve been working on your pronunciation and vocabulary.