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19 Jul 2019 The South African music icon known for blending Zulu rhythms into his works died from pancreatic cancer last week aged 66.
15 Jul 2019 Fights broke out between protesters and police after another anti-extradition bill march.
08 Jul 2019 How much do you know about the English language? Did you know that many words originated in India?
07 Jul 2019 Concerned that mainland Chinese tourists don't understand the reasons behind the anti-ELAB protests, groups are marching today in hot tourist areas.
02 Jul 2019 He tweeted a thread defending the anti-ELAB protesters, saying 'They wanted to make the regime hear Hongkongers’ voice, and they had no other option'
02 Jul 2019 Protesters storm Legislative Council and trash the building as police leave the venue.
01 Jul 2019 Thousands gathered peacefully in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay for the annual July 1 march, while small groups caused damage to the Legco complex.
27 Jun 2019 After another overnight siege of police headquarters, protesters are demanding justice minister Teresa Cheng withdraw the suspended bill.
26 Jun 2019 Anti-ELAB bill protesters are urging G20 nations to discuss Hong Kong at this week’s meeting.
25 Jun 2019 A group set up a crowdfunding campaign to buy adverts on newspapers including the New York Times ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's meeting with US President Donald Trump.