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02 Dec 2018 The creators of 'Yappie' and 'Asian Bachelorette' may be famous for comedy, but the group is serious about normalising Asian-Americans in the media.
04 Feb 2018 The Asian-American hip-hop group burst onto the music scene back in the mid-00s – and they’ve only gone from strength to strength since then.
25 Apr 2016 After four years of writing this column, I can’t believe that I can finally write those two magical words: I’ve graduated!
21 Mar 2016 It’s my last week of school! Yes, you read that right. After four years of whining about the course load to you here in Young Post, the finish line is finally around the corner.
25 Jan 2016 College has been a wild ride. I'm graduating in 10 weeks and am nowhere near prepared. In fact, I just fixed up my CV last night and am going to start applying for jobs later this month. It's weird.
14 Dec 2015 Fall Quarter is nearly over, and it's almost too good to be true. One final exam, paper, and project, and I'll be done.
23 Nov 2015 I put off schoolwork to see the band All Time Low late last month, and it was 110 per cent worth it. Not only did they play a killer set, I even bumped into Jack Barakat, the lead guitarist, and I have the selfie to prove it.
19 Oct 2015 My senior year at the University of Washington has been in full swing for two weeks, and it's been such a blur.
12 Sep 2015 Having finished some of the most difficult courses (although I still have to do my honours thesis), I took this summer off to relax.
12 Sep 2015 Having built her audience through YouTube, singer Kina Grannis entered the music industry fully formed. Candace Kwan steps into her world ahead of her Southeast Asian tour.