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29 Feb 2016 Have you ever left a lesson feeling both excited and confused at the same time? It’s as if a lot of new ideas are jumbled up in your mind, desperately waiting for you to untangle each of them.
03 Oct 2015 School has started, and I want to take a moment to reflect on how much we have grown over the summer holidays.
Primary school student studying in bed at Gulong Village, a poverty-stricken mountainous area. Photo: Xinhua
08 Jun 2015 The challenge does not exactly copy what it is really like living below the poverty line, but it helps make us aware of the 1.2 billion fellow citizens on our planet who live in extreme poverty.
23 Mar 2015 I have always known that I am not the most self-disciplined person on Earth. At the end of February, after all the Lunar New Year celebrations, I decided to deactivate my Facebook account with the intention of focusing on essay-writing for the last two weeks of term.
07 Feb 2015 I received an invitation a few weeks ago from my college for a party called Halfway Hall. It marks the halfway point for second year students.
08 Dec 2014 I enjoy studying abroad and learning to be independent. But I also miss being at home. I love being able to see my family and dogs after a long day of studying.
Night shot of the statue of Adam Smith in Edinburgh, Scotland
25 Oct 2014 In an age when the internet is bombarding us with more information than ever before, it is very easy to conform to the mainstream views and lose one's individuality if we aren't careful.
06 Sep 2014 At university, I was told a lot about seizing every single opportunity and applying for internships. I was also told, though, that internships should only be done after the second year of university, and that the summer after the first year is about the only time we can afford to have fun.
23 May 2014 Four weeks into the second term of university, I can finally say that I have settled in and become more familiar with the surroundings. Like everybody else here, my first term was spent participating in club events, including the Islamic Society's Quiz Night, aerial arts sessions, and rowing.
03 May 2014 University's final term - aka exam term - is here. The Easter break was really enjoyable. It has amazed me to hear many people talking excitedly about their summer holidays already!