WWI Centenary

No fewer than 16 peace treaties were signed at the end of the devastating conflict, one of which is seen as an underlying cause of the second world war.
Although gas attacks killed a relatively small number of people compared to the total, the fear and injuries they caused added to the suffering.
World War 1 ended a century ago, but the many of the compelling stories from that era have been immortalised in film
The 1914-1918 conflict was known as the 'war to end all wars', but despite millions of dead and wounded, widowed and orphaned, that was not to be.
The paper flowers are sold every year in Britain, and around the world, to raise money for veterans and their families.

AFP: Poppies' enduring impact in Britain a century on from WWI

In a London factory, military veterans have spent all year making the artificial red poppies that millions will wear in their lapels as Britain marks the World War I armistice centenary
Stretcher bearers would carry the dead and wounded back to camp - as long as they hadn't been injured themselves.
The anniversary is also a time to understand the impact of the first world war on places as far away as China and Hong Kong.