Video games

Write a game review of 300-450 words and you could have your work published on 'Young Post' and win the new portable gaming system.
The short video shows players performing resistance, stretching and balancing exercises with the Joy-Con controllers.
From the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam to the Zaku series of mechs from the Principality of Zeon, this freemium smartphone simulation has them all.
Demos of 'Dragonball Z: Kakarot' and 'Iron Man VR' were also available at the special media preview.
The teenage pro gamer known as 'Bugha' won the World Cup solo competition, beating a field of 40 million hopeful video game fanatics.
The sequel to 2015's hit platformer adds more tools to the Course Maker mode and a single-player story campaign.
Put on a headset and step into a pod for a fun but expensive VR experience.
Refresh of popular Nintendo Switch will not have detachable Joy-Con controllers and cannot output games to a TV.
The new freemium mobile game from Niantic lets Potterheads fight magical creatures and fantastic beasts in augmented reality.