Student of the Year

Student of the Year Eunice Yiu celebrates with her younger sister, Venrena (left)
The competition was incredibly tough at this year’s Student of the Year Awards, but the Form Five student from St Paul’s Convent School proved to the judges she had what it took to rise above the rest
What do antibiotics, airliners, smartphones and selfie sticks have in common? All exist because of hard work done by scientists and mathematicians.
To be an artist takes creativity and passion, and that's precisely what the judges were looking for at the finalists' interviews for Student of the Year - Visual Artist.
Ballerina Ho Lai-kiu found it difficult to incorporate the theme, "make a difference; be the chance", into her performance.
There was a flood of talent at the final judging of the Student of the Year - Performing Artist award. Twelve young artists made it to the final round and they gathered to show how they can "Make a difference; be the change" with their skills.
Last year Cliff Buddle (left) and Kim Mak had their work cut out when deciding who should win the Student of the Year - Community Contributor award but this year wasn't any easier.
The Student of the Year - Community Contributor is a unique award because it is given not for academic achievement, but for commitment and dedication to supporting the community.
It takes more than just natural athleticism to be named SCMP's Student of the Year - Sportsperson. To be the best, it takes a strong dedication to your sport as well as a great effort to promote sport and exercise within the community.
Winning the Student of the Year - Grand Prize takes preparation, dedication and confidence. But the final judging is where all of their hard work comes together.
Judges in the language-based category of Student of the Year reveals what they expect from Student of the Year candidates
Barry Li says modern language is losing its romanticism.
Lots of people in Hong Kong can speak well, but that's not all it takes to win the Student of the Year - Linguist award.
Dr Kim Mak (left) and Cliff Buddle are the judges to impress in the Student of the Year - Community Contributor award.
Many students are trying to build a better Hong Kong, but to bring home the Student of the Year - Community Contributor award, what do judges value the most?