Student of the Year

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Colleen Lee's journey on becoming a musician and her advice for young musicians

The road of an aspiring musicians can be a long and challenging one, but the enthusiastic young music students at Renaissance College had the chance to learn about what it takes to be a professional musician from international award-winning pianist Colleen Lee.
Judges for the 2017 SOTY Scientist and Mathematician award had some very tough decisions to make. Here's a look at the intense selection process.
Academics still matter, but the judges are looking for candidates who plan to be full-time athletes determined to excel on the world stage.
In the eyes of the judges, all 12 finalists of the Community Contributor award deserve to be lauded for their efforts to making the world a better place.
This year’s judges for the Scientist & Mathematician category want to see candidates who learn from experience, in addition to textbooks.
This year’s judges tell us that overcoming failure and learning from it is just as important as good academic results.