Student of the Year

The judges in this year’s maths and science category are looking for action above a good-looking CV.
Here's the inside scoop on what catches a judge's attention.
When it comes to the Student of the Year – Community Contribution category, this year’s judge is looking for young people who shape the future of our city.
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We talk to the five Student of the Year winners in the Best Devotion to School category about their secondary school life, and the many contributions they’ve made to their schools.
It’s easy to take language for granted, but the three 2017 Student of the Year Linguist Award winners understand its importance.
Seventeen-year-old Badminton star Jasmine Leung has worked hard to get where she is now, and is determined to make Hong Kong proud at the 2018 Asian Games.
2017 Student of the Year (SOTY) Visual Artist winner Jasmine Lam says that art isn’t just looking at something and copying it – it can be so much more.