Sino Junior Reporter Programme

September 3rd was a happy day for some 40 local students who completed the Sino Junior Reporter Programme 2016 organised by Sino Group and supported by SCMP Young Post.
Kenneth Yuen has been in the business for more than 30 years, but he was not successful from day one.
On June 25, 60 Form Four students from numerous local secondary schools gathered at Tsim Sha Tsui Centre to attend a journalism training workshop for the Sino Junior Reporters Programme 2016.
Sixty students participating in the Sino Junior Reporter Programme 2016 attended a workshop at Tsim Sha Tsui Centre on June 25.
The topic of this year's Sino Junior Reporters Programme was Hong Kong’s culinary heritage.
In June, 60 aspiring secondary students took part in the Sino Junior Reporter Programme 2016 to delve deeper into journalism and food culture.
Are you looking for somewhere special in Hong Kong that combines the ingenious elegance of modern architecture, yet with the subtle trace of a generation’s recollections? Tai O is the right place.
Tai O Heritage Hotel serves as a dynamo, which empowers the heritage conservation of an ancient fishing village
Tai O Heritage Hotel Hong Kong is an iconic attraction that promotes sustainable tourism, as well as unique heritage conservation
Tai O is more than stilt houses, shrimp paste and seafood. The distinctive customs of the Hakka people make Tai O so interesting and the Tai O Heritage Hotel is the place to stay for experiencing it