Rio Olympics

Over the past few days, a number of local athletes have done well in the different sports events at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Here are highlights of some of their results and other big news.
The 2013 SCMP Student of the Year – Sportsperson winner Siobhan Haughey made Olympic history for Hong Kong at Rio’s Aquatics centre on Monday.
A teenager trained for this year’s Olympics in the middle of a crowded outdoor pool in Laos, with children splashing around her noisily and others taking swimming lessons.
Russia was barred from taking part in next month’s Rio Paralympics on Sunday, with organisers blasting a “medals over morals mentality”.
For as long as athletes have been battling for gold medals, they have been taking fortifying tonics – some stomach-churning, others downright dangerous – with little concern for their health.
Swimmer tells of pulling boatload of people to safety
Karate, Climbing, Skateboarding, Baseball/Softball and Surfing added to the programme
Pokemon Go became available in Brazil late Wednesday.
While Mongolian women are pretty good at wrestling, they battle gender issues at home, where men refuse to let them in on the games
This week, we asked our readers: what sport or activity would you like to see as an event at the next Olympics? Here are our favourite answers!