Occupy Central

Voters turned out in record numbers in Sunday's District Council elections, which scored a historic turnout of 47 per cent. Of the 3.12 million eligible to vote, 47 per cent - or 1.36 million - had voted by 10.30pm.
Student activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung is launching a court battle. Wong says he could run for a Legislative Council seat next year if he wins.
It's been a whole 12 months since thousands of people camped out in Central in a protest for democracy. What, if anything, has changed since then?
Monday will be one year after the day police fired tear gas at the protesters gathered for Occupy Central.
As the anniversary of the Occupy Central protests falls, Joshua Wong thinks there is a better way for the city to achieve its goals
A video showing a teenage YouTuber confronting Scholarism leader Joshua Wong Chi-fung in a busy MTR train compartment – and then be greeted by curses and swears from other passengers – has gone viral.
Apple adds Occupy Central yellow ribbon, Hong Kong and Macau flags, and a rude gesture to its emoji
A Hong Kong magistrate today told prosecutors it should not have taken them so long to bring Occupy protesters to court, as student leaders including Joshua Wong Chi-fung appeared before her almost a year after the pro-democracy movement began.
Four democracy activists who played a central role in Hong Kong’s Occupy protests are to make a bid to have their trial on police obstruction charges scrapped.
Scholarism leader Joshua Wong says he was charged with taking part and inciting others to join an unlawful assembly, and for breaking into the forecourt of government headquarters in Admiralty on September 26 last year.