Occupy Central

Occupy Central  organisers Chan Kin-man (R), Associate Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong, Benny Tai Yiu-ting (C), and Reverend Chu Yiu-ming, march during a protest in Hong Kong on 14 September 2014
Occupy Central might finally have named the day for the start of their protest.
University class boycotts kicked off yesterday, and organisers said 13,000 people attended the rally at Chinese University. Feelings towards the rally differed from classmate to classmate.
Pro-democracy lawmakers protest against Beijing's proposals for the chief executive election.
I have lost all hope in Hong Kong's future. It’s not the “autocratic regime”, or the “communistic agendas” of the Hong Kong government which has caused me to renounce my faith in the city’s well-being, it’s the so-called “pro-democracy” camp.
Plans for a class boycott at Polytechnic University were discussed by the Federation of Students.
A controversial new hotline has been set up, encouraging people to report anyone taking part in the proposed week-long student boycott of classes starting on September 22.
Face off: Police and protesters come face-to-face over a metal barricade before pepper spray is used.
Pro-democracy activists stormed past security staff at AsiaWorld-Expo on Monday. At the time, Li Fei was explaining that Beijing’s strict restrictions the city’s 2017 chief executive election released on Sunday.
Zhang Dejiang (centre, rear) presides over the 12th NPC Standing Committee at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
China moved on Wednesday to limit candidates for Hong Kong's leader in the 2017 election to a handful of Beijing loyalists, local media reported. This will likely escalate plans by pro-democracy activists to blockade the city’s Central business district...
Scholarism convenor Joshua Wong says he will join Occupy Central if it takes place.
Scholarism says more than 50 students have committed to boycotting classes, if the central government denies the city's right to civil nomination for chief executive.
Prosters, including HKFS's Alex Chow and Lester Shum, jostle with police after they rushed the metal barriers upon seeing CY Leung.
An estimated 13,000 participated in the class boycott yesterday at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, at which an open letter was issued to Chief Executive Leun
Some of Hong Kong's student activists demanding political reform have become local celebrities, thanks to their confrontations with officials being shown on television.