Occupy Central

Mainland Chinese woman Tang Lin-ling, who was accused of taking photos during a politically charged trial in Hong Kong, has been found guilty of criminal contempt of court.
The Court of Final Appeal's ruling meant trio left court as free men.
Fellow activist Raphael Wong jailed four months and 15 days; student leader Lester Shum and 13 others given suspended sentences.
Hong Kong prosecutors want to overturn a court ruling against three Occupy activists who stormed government headquarters and triggered a 79-day protest in 2014, the Court of Appeal heard on Wednesday.
Police on Monday called leaders of 2014’s pro-democracy Occupy protests, and at least six other politicians and activists, to tell them they will be prosecuted.
Seven policemen were jailed two years on Friday for kicking and punching activist Ken Tsang after his arrest for assaulting officers during an Occupy protest more than two years ago.
Earlier today, seven police officers were convicted of having kicked, punched and stepped on activist Ken Tsang during an Occupy protest more than two years ago.
Three leaders of the “Umbrella Revolution” escaped jail time Monday over 2014 protests, with the court saying it would not base sentencing on the heated “political atmosphere” in the city.
Former Scholarism convenor Joshua Wong was convicted for the first time of unlawful assembly for storming government headquarters two days before the Occupy movement, but he did not regret the action.
Pro-democracy activist Ken Tsang has been convicted by the Kowloon City Court of one count of police assault and two of resisting arrest during the Occupy movement in 2014.