Mental health

Whether you're into philosophy or want a simple guide to dealing with failure, these self-help titles are packed full of good advice.
Living independently for the first time is a reminder that students need to focus on their health.
The 25-year-old had been open about struggles with mental health, and challenged what was expected of South Korean stars.
We all know about the downsides of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but experts say they can also bring positivity into your life.
Two surveys reveal concerning results but a local charity has launched a campaign aimed at removing the stigma of discussing emotions.
If the constant news about tear gas and petrol bombs is leaving you feeling drained and distressed, it's okay to take a step back.
Hear For You volunteers encourage people young and old to open up and talk to counsellors about their feelings.
The World Health Organisation has urged more global support for mental health awareness and well-being.
The move could be beneficial for users' mental health, especially that of teenagers and young adults.
The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups notes that many teenagers report feeling hopeless and that the city’s political crisis affects them emotionally.