Four years after their number one debut album S/S, K-pop boy band WINNER are back with their follow-up EVERYD4Y.
Super songwriter Albi Albertsson has written a number of smash hits for top Korean acts. Here’s how he became an expert on the industry.
K-pop used in an example of diplomacy through soft power.
Popular South Korean rock band YB and solo singer Baek Ji-young also joined the 5-member girl group in the special performance
K-pop starlets NCT have been enjoying big sales and high streaming numbers on their debut (single The 7th Sense already has 17 million streams on Spotify alone), but not even that can save 2018 Empathy from being a misfire.
Lucky is the second mini album from K-pop star Weki Meki, comprising a collection of poor songs, cringey sounds and nauseating handclaps from start to finish.
One Shot, Two Shot is the first mini-album from legendary K-pop idol BoA, a record full of densely layered synthpop tunes that surely make it a comeback worth waiting for.
By trying to cover too much ground, Infinite's newest album doesn't have a recognisable identity.
Kard's latest album, You & Me, has reached top 10 in the charts.
TRIGGER WARNING: this story contains themes related to death that may be upsetting to sensitive viewers.