The South Korean seven-piece recived a nod - but not for their incredibly popular music, which has soared up the charts around the world.
The South Korean band's world tour is the music event Hong Kong fans have been waiting for all year.
A total of 18,000 people voted for the South Korean band in a poll hosted by online ticketing marketplace Stubhub.
On their fifth album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, K-pop superstars EXO hit us again with a cannon of concise pop songs, reminding us why they are so popular, after a handful of solo ventures and their CBX collaboration earlier this year.
Recently named one of Time Magazine's 25 biggest influences, the South Korean band have added the city to their Love Yourself tour.
Group leader Kim Nam-jun delivered the speech at the annual gathering of world leaders as part of a Unicef campaign.
The reigning Korean pop group is at the top of the charts ... again
It’s only been six months since they released their second full-length album, Return, but K-pop seven-piece iKon are back with a 17-minute mini-album, New Kids: Continue.
The special album is only five tracks long but manages to make a lasting impression.
We've got the definitive list of K-pop tracks to keep you bopping until the end of the season.