The singer-songwriter bares her soul with compelling songs such as ‘Winter Flower’ and ‘See You’.
From the bass heavy 'STOP' to the slower world vibe of 'Sunshine', the group showcases different styles on their third release of 2019.
The nine-piece experiment with genres, from house and funk to disco, and Ed Sheeran guitar riffs.
Star-studded night in Nagoya, Japan, also featured live performances by Monsta X, Tomorrow X Together and British pop sensation Dua Lipa.
The South Korean boy band will not be given exemption from mandatory military service, which lasts for about 18 months.
Following the Billboard success of their EP, the boys return with an exciting, joyful debut that will thrill fans of the genre.
The 25-year-old had been open about struggles with mental health, and challenged what was expected of South Korean stars.
The band's eighth release shows the South Korean idols know how to keep the party pumping, successfully mixing genres in a way most other acts cannot.
The much-anticipated collaboration features the two musicians performing a hip-hop version of the chicken dance.
The group's third record follows their brilliant 'Take 2 - We Are Here', released in February.