While the K-pop giants deliver some excellent tracks, the album isn't as consistent as 2019's 'Persona'
A supergroup made of K-pop veterans from EXO and SHINee, SuperM transcends fandoms, musical genres, and geographical boundaries.
Their first English album showcases their group and individual talents.
The K-pop group tries out different music styles, an effort which pays off.
The track of the upcoming album 'Map of the Soul: 7' is the band's eighth to appear on the US music chart.
Following a series of mini-albums, the South Korean boy band's full-length debut is a near-faultless effort.
The 'Eung Eung' singers will be in the 852 to meet their 'Panda' as part of their 'Welcome to Pink World' tour.
The singer-songwriter bares her soul with compelling songs such as ‘Winter Flower’ and ‘See You’.
From the bass heavy 'STOP' to the slower world vibe of 'Sunshine', the group showcases different styles on their third release of 2019.
The nine-piece experiment with genres, from house and funk to disco, and Ed Sheeran guitar riffs.