Hong Kong protests

One week after pro-democracy camp scored landslide district council victory, some protesters resorted to familiar tactics of roadblocks and trashing shops.
Jointly organised by the “Silver Hair” group and secondary students, the assembly will feature speakers and performers from all walks of life, including former chemistry lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr Kenneth Kwong Si-san and local teen boyband Boyz Reborn.
The graphic depicted Batwoman throwing a Molotov cocktail with the text ‘The Future is Young’ in the background.
The group was taken in custody on Wednesday night after reportedly joining a 'Sing with You' pro-democracy activity.
Firefighters, trained negotiators and bomb disposal experts among 100-strong group that entered campus at 8am.
The legislation could sanction the government for not upholding autonomy from the mainland
Clashes at PolyU began on November 13, and protesters were blockaded at the Hung Hom campus since November 17.
Crowdfunded event organised by supporters of the anti-government movement is slated for late January