Hong Kong protests

On the evening of the Mid-Autumn festival, demonstrators hiked up the 495 metre ascension to Lion Rock, one of Hong Kong's most iconic peaks. They formed a human chain, shined lasers and waved flags as a form of peaceful anti-government protest. The next day, pro-China supports made the same hike...
Students in Tai Wai, Siu Sai Wan and Tiu Keng Leng sang protest songs and chanted slogans, while Baptist University students vandalised the president's office.
Around 500 people attended the gathering, where students put up a "Lady Liberty Hong Kong" statue.
At least eight wounded, three seriously, in a day of petrol bombs, water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas.
Sounds of Glory to Hong Kong reverberate around the city
The annual tennis tournament, which was to feature Naomi Osaka, as well as the award-winning theatre production have been 'postponed', organisers say.
The group received a letter of objection from the police regarding Sunday's demonstration.
Human chains are formed at schools across HK; students say demonstrations will continue until further action is taken.
The Hong Kong rail operator is likely to extend service hours instead of offering transport through the night after moon-gazing gatherings.
Images of clashes on night of August 31 released, while incorrect injury report attributed to counting error.