Business, Accounting and Financial Studies paper was a challenge to some but a breeze for others, while tutors say the difficulty was average.
Papers were easier than last year’s, but required students to know the syllabus well.
No one expected topics from last year's exam to be covered again, and some cross-module questions may also have stumped candidates.
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Many of the geometry questions also didn't include a diagram, so students had to visualise the problems themselves.
The tasks on the Listening and Integrated Skills exam were easy to answer, although some of the questions were surprisingly long
Students had to write a letter to parents as a teacher, while elective writing prompts allowed more creativity.
ong Kong media outlets were quick to leap onto Lin’s post, quoting her words to imply she meant to say the Hong Examinations and Assessment Authority had written the test badly.
Many may have struggled to finish Paper 1 in time while some questions in Paper 2 required a global perspective.
No surprises when it came to the paper, though an “open letter” question might have thrown some students slightly.