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Spotted a trend in the DSEs this year? Like many other exams, this year saw students battling some of their subject’s hardest questions.
Today’s DSE Geography exam was not particularly tough, but there were a number of tricky questions, teachers and students say.
This year’s DSE Maths Extended Part was tough as usual, but not as hard as last year’s, secondary teachers say.
Memorising facts and figures is all well and good, but this extremely tough paper required extra thought.
Both teachers and students said candidates needed more time to understand the questions in the Business, Accounting and Financial Studies exam.
This year’s DSE Biology Paper 1 (core) was easier than last year’s, but Paper 2 (electives) was harder, teachers said.
This year’s DSE elective Chinese History Paper exam was much simpler than last year’s because more popular topics appeared in this year’s paper, secondary school teachers say.
Many students, and parents, are torn between decisions when it comes to selecting the right curriculum.
It’s hard to believe that Melody Tam Lok-man, a top scorer from HKUGA College, who got 5** in seven subjects in last year’s DSEs, used to fail Chinese and Liberal Studies.