Both teachers and students have said this year’s DSE economics exam was just as tough as last year’s, with many questions testing students on their ability to accurately analyse diagrams and to apply economic concepts to current issues.
Teachers and students say this year’s Tourism and Hospitality Studies exam was very much like last year’s, with some very challenging questions in Paper Two
We had a chat with Dan Murphy, a long-time NET teacher who specialises in teaching speaking strategies to senior form students, for some tips on the HKDSE English speaking exam.
Tutors and students say some of the DSE questions this year were very much like those found in the HKALE accounting paper
Teachers and students have said this year’s DSE biology exam was a lot like last year’s, with Paper 1B testing students on their ability to analyse data and to use their experiment-based knowledge.
Also, they had to use geographical perspectives to talk about social current issues.
This year’s DSE history exam is tougher than last year’s, with more tricky questions that test students’ ability to read accurately.
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Students had to combine historical knowledge with answering techniques like comparisons and map-reading skills.
This year’s DSE chemistry exam had a few new question types, with some very difficult questions in Paper Two asking students for in-depth knowledge of chemistry concepts.