Diocesan Girls’ School’s HKDSE super top scorer, Maggie Lam Li-man, has spoken out in support of dying Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo, saying that he should be treated as a patient regardless of his political views.
HKDSE top performer Cherry Ho tells us how living with brittle bone disease since birth was never a hindrance to her growth and pushed her to work even harder.
They’re big, they’re pretty important, they follow you through your working life – but if you don’t do that well in them, it’s not the worst thing that could happen to you.
A total of six students - three girls and three boys - earned perfect scores in the Hong Kong Diploma for Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination this year.
This year's Diploma for Secondary Education exam results see an increase on last year's number of top scorers from four to six, but a drop in overall passes.
A student’s secondary school journey ends when they hand in their HKDSE papers, but for the papers themselves, the journey’s just begun.
Most HKDSE students are happy with their subjects, but some 40 per cent have though about axing one.
The Education Bureau has today released a set of "tools" offering support to students who sat this year's HKDSE exams.
Both teachers and students have said this year’s DSE economics exam was just as tough as last year’s, with many questions testing students on their ability to accurately analyse diagrams and to apply economic concepts to current issues.
Teachers and students say this year’s Tourism and Hospitality Studies exam was very much like last year’s, with some very challenging questions in Paper Two