The increase of roughly four per cent will only affect private candidates, as the government waived the 2020 fee earlier this year.
Students and tutors agree the exam wasn’t very complicated and contained the usual hot topics, with only one ‘difficult’ question.
Module one was a breeze, say our experts
Tutors from Modern Education and Beacon College said the paper was about as difficult as last year, and that several question types had appeared in the past.
The candidate and tutor we spoke to both thought the paper was quite straightforward as predicted, although not all the questions were easy.
A study shows Hong Kong teens think the Independent Enquiry Study should take less time, as it is worth only 20 per cent of the final grade.
The worry is, making one or two mistakes might cost students a good grade, according to tutors from Beacon College and King's Glory Education.
Tutors from King’s Glory Education and Beacon College say that questions usually touch on current issues, so brush up on world events before the test.
Top tutors J. Yeung of Beacon College and Titus Chan of Modern Education give you the best advice about emerging trends on the Geography paper.
Hugo Kam, star tutor from Modern Education Centre, says there has been a trend of adding more practical questions to the public exam in recent years.