Hong Kong's Examinations and Assessment Authority said nine boys and three girls received perfect scores of 5** in each of the four core subjects and three electives.
The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority has released the full details for DSE results release day.
Whether you score higher than you thought you would, or don't get the grades you need for your preferred course, don't worry - there are still plenty of options for further study.
The Independent Enquiry Study is often a major source of stress for students who find it time-consuming and confusing.
The programme at Baptist University has more that 47 students fighting for a single spot.
The EDB released “Three useful tools for 710” to make life easier for Form Six students receiving DSE exam results on July 10.
Written exams begin on March 27 and end on May 2, while results release day is scheduled for July 8.
The increase of roughly four per cent will only affect private candidates, as the government waived the 2020 fee earlier this year.
Students and tutors agree the exam wasn’t very complicated and contained the usual hot topics, with only one ‘difficult’ question.
Module one was a breeze, say our experts